The Sainte-Chapelle

Celebrating eight centuries since Louis IX was born, the French Centre des monuments nationaux (CMN) is disclosing the Saint Louis exhibition from October 8th, 2014 to January 11th 2015. The Passion for Innovation Institute and CMN collaborated to create a brand-new immersive experience dealing with the Palais de la Cité in the fourteenth century. For the first time, the Sainte-Chapelle building from that time is presented in an interactive version, thanks to real-time 3D technologies.

The 3D reconstruction

Through the reconstruction of the Palais de la Cité’s area back in medieval times, the Passion for Innovation Institute is widening the Paris 3D Saga’s collection of monuments. The 3D experience allows credible reconstructions of buildings as they stood in the fourteenth century, such as the Tour de l’Horloge, the Galerie mercière, the Trésor des Chartes, etc.

The arrow and the rose on the Sainte-Chapelle’s facade are two key items, which are rebuilt in a very close way to what they originally used to be before alterations in the late medieval times.
With help of laser digitalization techniques and in addition to the immersive 3D experience, Passion for Innovation Institute teams managed to scan nowadays’ Sainte-Chapelle. By handing this data to the CMN, as well as updating the latest nineteenth-century statements, they are actually involved in the national heritage’s preservation.

«This 3D reconstruction project is part of Passion for Innovation Institute’s heritage preservation program, which began 10 years ago. Dealing with science, history and culture, this approach allows both the enhancement of architectural knowledge, and sharing our heritage’s unveiled treasures with the general public.»


The expert : Dany Sandron

Dany Sandron teaches Medieval Art History at the Paris-Sorbonne university (Centre André Chastel, UMR 8150).
«This reconstruction work led us to questions that wouldn’t have popped-up if we had worked in a more classical way based on writings or ancient illustrations.»
Dany Sandron underlines the point of using 3D for historical and scientific topics.

The interactive kiosk

If you are tempted to experience and discover
a virtual visit of the Palais de la Cité, try the interactive kiosk in the lower chapel of the
Sainte-Chapelle, starting October 8th, 2014 (located 8 boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris).

Video available soon.

Useful information

To discover and experience a virtual visit of the Sainte-Chapelle and more of Paris 3D’s buildings, come and meet:
  • Starting October 8th, 2014 : in Sainte-Chapelle’s lower chapel
    (location: 8 boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris)
  • At the Saint Louis exhibition held in the Conciergerie from October 8th, 2014 to January 15th, 2015
    (location: 2 boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris)
Link to further details :

The CMN (Centre des Monuments Nationaux)

Archeological sites like Glanum and Carnac, Montmajour and Mont-Saint-Michel’s abbeys, If’s and Azay-le-Rideau’s castles, the national domain of Saint-Cloud, the Arc de triomphe and Sainte-Chapelle, the Conciergerie, or even villa Savoye, are some of the 98 listed national monuments, which are property of the French State and are entrusted to the CMN. With more than 9.2 million visitors a year, the Centre des monuments nationaux stands for the most important French cultural and tourist network; it preserves and allows visiting incredible buildings and their adjacent parks and gardens. The various ranges of monuments illustrate the French heritage’s consistency.

Based on a flexible pricing policy, CMN makes the monuments’ heritage easier available for every audience type. 84% of its operating costs are covered by its own revenues, notably generated by tickets fees, venues renting, or even by sponsorships. The Centre des monuments nationaux sticks to an alignment principle, according to which profitable monuments enable cultural and scientific initiatives for the whole network.

In 2014, the institution has become a-hundred-years-old.